Do you want to rent your property, but you don’t want to engage in lengthy detail about the rental and booking, managing the property and waiting and escorting guests, we offer a complete service that includes:

Preparation, maintenance and cleaning of the property for rent

  1. Preparation, maintenance and cleaning of the property for rent
  2. We prepare your property for the guests and provide professional cleaning, with particular emphasis on quality and meticulousness
  3. We pay special attention to washing and ironing of bed linen and towels, which should be soft and fragrant
  4. We enrich the space with some appropriate details that will make it even warmer and more attractive to guests
  5. We repair any damage in the house that can happen during a guest’s stay
  6. We maintain garden.
  7. We maintain the property when the season is off.

The service of welcoming and seeing off the guests and taking care of their satisfaction during the stay

  1. The guests are served a welcome drink (we prefer and always carefully pick local home made specialties)
  2. Reception of guests includes their welcoming, assistance with accommodation, providing important and useful information that the customer needs to know, and recommendations of good restaurants, special excursions etc.
  3. We recommend our guests the quality shuttle services, taxi rides or rent a car service.
  4. After guests check out, we control inventory and prepare the property for new guests

Keeping record of documentation, and conducting marketing and sales activities with full transparency

  1. We administer online registration of every guest to appropriate authorities and in accordance with legal procedure, take care of invoicing and keep all the books prescribed by the Law on the rent.
  2. We invoice guests as agreed with the owner of the property, and guarantee payment for the provided services.
  3. We have our own booking management software that provides a real-time insight of the bookings and all other details
  4. If your property is listed or advertised on portals such as, Holliday Lettings, Airbnb, and others, we monitor incoming reservations and respond to every request
  5. If you are not engaged in advertising, we will advertise your property, and will also prepare all the necessary materials (high quality images, descriptions, etc.) to make a professional presentation of your offer.